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The Four Mushroom Categories

There are four main categories of mushrooms: saprophytic mushrooms, mycorrhizal mushrooms, parasitic mushrooms, and endophytic mushrooms. Mushrooms are divided into these categories based on the way they grow and absorb nutrients.

Saprophytic mushrooms (saprophytes) eat dead and decaying matter.
Mycorrhizal mushrooms have a symbiotic relationships with plants. They exchange nutrients with plants, in a way that benefits both the mushroom and the plants, and protect plants from disease.
Parasitic mushrooms (parasites) feed on their hosts, which can lead to the death of the host. They feed on bugs, plants, tree bark, and even humans.
Endophytic mushrooms (endophytes) are part mycorrhizal and part parasitic. They invade a plant’s tissue, but maintain a positive, symbiotic relationship with the plant.

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